Mascha Rohner *1963

If you want to stop fighting, KungFu is exactly the right thing for you.

I was simply struck when I first saw KungFu in the 1980s. All these years when I didn't feel the need to exercise were done and I just knew: I wanted to learn! Ever since I have been practising KungFu. In 1998 I started to teach at the Womens' KungFu school in Cologne. Since 2010, I teach at the Mantis KungFu School Berlin. For many years Sifu Friedhelm Tippner let me share his knowledge and insights about KungFu. The vast numbers of training sessions with female martial artists from Europe and around the globe also have been highlights in my life. Exploring the art of KungFu always opens new doors for me. On a voyage of discovery, Mascha.

Mascha is the head instructor in the Mantis KungFu School Berlin e.V.