Training course with Sifu Friedhelm Tippner - Ying Men School Neuss e.V.

Lehrgang mit Sifu Friedhelm Tippner – Ying Men Schule Neuss  e.V.

31. August – 1. September 2019 in Berlin


Movement principles of the praying mantis

We are very happy to welcome Friedhelm for the third time in Berlin!

He has been teaching internal and external Chinese martial arts (Hsiang Chia, Hsing I, Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Liu He Bafa) for several decades and has also developed the concept of effortless movement. In his classes he gives deep insights into the movement quality of our KungFu.

Subject: Die Gottesanbeterin ist das Haupttier des Stils. Was lehrt sie uns? In diesem Seminar wird Friedhelm mit vielfältigen Übungen allein und zu zweit, Einblick in die spezielle Vorgehensweise der Gottesanbeterin geben. Um Wirksamkeit zu erzielen, setzen wir Prinzipien jenseits von Muskelkraft ein. So zum Beispiel, eine Technik ansatzlos auszuführen. Innere Prinzipien werden ebenso Raum in diesem Seminar haben. Wir werden ein tieferes Körperverständnis für die Bergzerschmetternde und die Bergtempelfaustform gewinnen.

When: 31.8 - 1.9. 2019, Sat 10 - 16.30, Sun 10 - approx. 14.30

Where: Sports hall entrance Skalitzerstr. 98, near U1-Görlitz station. Courtyard between house no. 99 and 97 (see green cross on the map on p. 2)

Extra: Sa 31.8. afternoon 15.00 - 16.30: repetition of what has been learned up to then without cemetery helmet

Costs: Contribution scaled according to income (all payments together apply):

A - Net income under 900 euros - contribution for the weekend: 30 euros

B - Net income 900 - 1500 Euro - contribution for the weekend: 50 Euro

C - Net income over 1500 euros - Contribution for the weekend: 75 euros 

for trainees of the Cologne nursing school max. 50 Euro. 

Contact and registration: and a deposit of 20 Euro on the association account, keyword: Lehrgang Friedhelm 2019

Konto: Mascha Rohner - Gottesanbeterin - KungFu-Schule Berlin e.V.

ING-DiBa  IBAN: DE12 5001 0517 5413 4428 12

For whom: The course is for all who train in our school, and by prior arrangement for guests with experience in KungFu.

Questions? If you need further information or a place to sleep, please write to

Location of the sports hall:

The entrance to the backyard of the hall is at the green cross. The hall is located in the building with the number 98.

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